Life Code Readings

Life Code Readings are based on the Qabalah which is an ancient Hebrew philosophy for a deeper understanding of how we work within ourselves and our relationships with others.

Qabalah does not offer fixed ideas but rather is a training in new ways to think. The word Qabalah is from the root, Qabal, which means “to receive”.

Life Code Readings are based on ones Life Code and the Tree of Life. Life codes are calculated by the sum of your date of birth. e.g  12/09/1981 – 1+2+9+1+9+8+1= 31 = 4.

Each Lifecode has a unique personality, characteristics and soul journey.  It is fascinating to explore your soul stamp or barcode and its significance on your life and relationships.

LIfe Code Readings are beneficial in solving day to day issues and dilemmas. In conjuction with an Arch type reading they  identify core characteristics which need adjustment in order to solve problems.

For more information and to book a session contact Suzanne at Phone +353 1 8101080 or +353 (0) 85 8215400 or email

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