Career Coaching

Suzanne provides intensive but gently persuasive Career & Interview Skills Coaching for clients who want to pursue a career change or prepare properly for job interviews.

Interview Coaching combines the education, knowledge, skill, experience and competencies of the candidate to the Job Specification and re-aligns these attributes within the client from their Lifecode sign and reinforces the candidates own confidence in themselves to bring out their best potential during the interview with ease. Once you know and understand your lifecode sign we map and align your strengths and weaknesses to the Job specification and ensure candidates are word perfect (in their own words)  in bringing their strengths to the interview.

Most people dislike the pressure of an interview because it focuses too much on themselves. People can be uncomfortable talking about or promoting their own key points and enormous positive potential.  Once you know your own Lifecode and it’s core characteristics, it enables you to build on your core strengths and be aware of inherent weaknesses.  Interview Skills Coaching provides a solid constructive foundation to understand and accept ones own skills and competencies to enable each individual to enhance their own inherent potential at any interview for now and in the future by creating solid confidence in own’s abilities and strengths.

For more information and to book a session contact Suzanne at Phone +353 1 8101080 or +353 (0) 87 8215400 or email


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