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Mind Body & Spirit Festival & Holistic Fairs.

FREE 15 Minute  no obligation telephone consultation Free
Life Code Qabalah reading plus the Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts Board for a deeper understanding of self for Solution, Life Purpose, Direction & Meaning. (1 hour) 75 euros
Life Code Qabalah reading for Solution,  Life Purpose, Direction & Meaning (1/2 hour)

MBS Festival RDS only March & October

50 euros
Career Coaching & Interview (one hour session) 60 euros
Life Codes & Soul Journey exploration classes – Jan 17 85 euros

Readings – Monday and Wednesday evenings 6.30pm – 9.30pm/Saturdays 10.00am to 5pm by appointment.

Classes – Introduction to Life Codes

Commencing Jan 17.

  • Learn about your own life code and your personality traits.
  • Learn about the life codes of your partner, family and friends.
  • Understand how your lifecode links with your day to day life and experiences.
  • Explore your own life code and your relationships with others.

Please post your contact details if you are interested in class details.

For more information and to book a session contact Suzanne at Phone +353 1 8101080 or +353 (0) 87 8215400 or email



Click here  to send me your details and I will contact you to arrange a FREE 15 minute Consultation

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