Who the angels are & How they can help us.

The word angel means messenger. Angels bring messages to us. They help calm you because one person at a time leads to a world of peaceful people.
No matter what we do in our life, our angels will never leave us. Guardian angels are protectors and guides, ensuring that we stay safe, happy, and healthy and fulfill our life mission. Angels have unlimited time, energy, and resources. It is their sacred honor to help you in whatever way to bring you peace. You can ask for their help as often as you like, without any fear of wearing them out. They love it when you call upon them.

But angels need you to ask because of free will. Guardian angels are assigned to us for our entire life. Regardless of faith, character or lifestyle everyone has at least two guardian angels – whether someone listens to them is an entirely different matter.

This angel I am giving you is a visual image of your guardian angel which is always with you to comfort and soothe you. and calms you when things go wrong. So when you talk to this angel remember it a true symbol of the Guardian Angel who has been with you since you were born.

When you receive this angel you will invoke (call upon) it yourself and I will give you tips and ways to do this. If you have a particular area of your life that you need healing or guidance, please let me know in advance I will include some specific angel prayers for requests on help around family, relationships, trying to conceive a baby, healing parent – child relationships, financial   issues or any area that is causing distress or pain.

The two main reasons why people cannot seem to hear their angels is that they are trying too hard to make something happen,   and they are unaware of or unsure about the angels messages they are receiving.

Sometimes people cannot hear their angels because of lifetime habits, possible interference to clear Angelic communication can include a noisy environment and chemicals in the diet. Some people do not trust the Divine guidance they receive.

Please leave a post or contact me on + 353(0) 8215400  and I will arrange to have your angel delivered – with full details on how to use it and a deeper understanding of angels.

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